Sports Injury Treatment

PRICE treatment

Treatment for sport injury will vary according to the type of injury, severity of the sports injury and part of the body affected. A mild injury will improve on PRICE treatment:

  • P- Price

  • R- Rest

  • I- Ice

  • C- Compression

  • E- Elevation

Other treatment options for Sports injury are:

  • Pain relief- To control the pain, the doctor may suggest pain relieving medications.

  • Immobilisation- Reducing movement to prevent further damage

  • Corticosteroid injection- To tackle severe or persistent inflammation in the injured area

  • Physiotherapy- Massages and other types of exercises to improve the mobility and normal functioning of the injured part of the body.

  • Heat treatment and ultrasound therapy- It helps to stimulate the blood flow of the injured body part.

  • Surgery- Severe injuries may require surgeries. The type of surgery may depend on the severity of the sports injury and affected part of the body.

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