About us

Med e Guru

Med e Guru the brain child of Anvita Tours2health Pvt Ltd is an online health information and service portal which offers a wide range of quality services in the field of health care.The primary aim is to bridge the gap between patient and doctor.

The recent surveys have shown that 8 out of 10 Internet users search on web for health care information. This result concludes how much the people trust and rely on Internet for Medical solutions. Relying on the Internet for any kind of information is good only if the information is from a reliable source. Medeguru serves the purpose of a Reliable Health care information portal.

Medeguru is an Online health portal, built on a platform which is supported by a large network of doctors.The information in the website are reviewed by the doctors based on their field of specialization and the latest developments in the Medical Science are updated on a monthly basis. The Doctor’s years of experience makes it another important factor for the reliability of the content.

Who all benefits from Medeguru?

Medeguru has a Medical Directory comprising of doctors, clinics and hospitals across India.Patients, Doctors and Healthcare professionals are benefited from the services offered by Medeguru.


Best platform for patient education

Medeguru offers the patient with reliable information about various diseases, conditions, treatments and also about who are the best doctors, clinics and hospitals offering the necessary treatments.

Channel for experts second opinion

Medeguru gives the patient an option to get expert second opinion before undergoing a surgery.The steps involved are simple, the patient should select the option Expert Second opinion in every pages of Medeguru. The doctor will respond either through mail , phone call or video call as per patient’s convenience.


Marketing for health care providers

Medeguru has launched this service to offer the doctor online presence in the Internet with the help of SEO ,SEM , SMO and Email Marketing. The demand for this service is increasing day by day as majority of the patients are relying highly on internet for Health informations and services

Virtual Secretary

Virtual secretary is a service that is of immense help to the doctor. The virtual secretary is similar to a dcotors secretary , it schedules the day for doctor , filter mails , send genuine enquiries only difference is that all these activities will be done from a remote location through text messages or emails.

Health care Professionals

Door to health care jobs

Medeguru also acts as a job portal for health care professionals such as doctors , nurses, hospital staffs.The hospitals which have vacancy can post their  job openings and health care professionals in turn can apply for various jobs posted in the website.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Blood bank

    Being a part of healthcare industry, it becomes our responsibility to raise a blood bank service. Blood donation and transference service is a vital part of the healthcare industry. Here, we are trying to create a platform where people can find the blood donor, as well as recipient. It is a free platform where one can register free as a donor or as a recipient. One can also check the availability different blood groups. Even though the society has developed much, still there are cases of death and other serious medical issues happening due to lack of blood supply. There are incidents where people struggle to get blood during urgency. Our aim is to lend a hand to the needy society.