Calcaneovalgus Foot

What is calcaneovalgous foot?

It is one of the common foot deformities found in children. The condition causes a notable problem to the shape of the foot. An affected child’s foot will point upward and outward. In severe cases, top of the foot will touch the lower leg’s front. A calcaneovalgus foot is a congenital condition, which may affect one or both the legs. The condition will not cause any pain and will go away on its own with age.

What are the symptoms of calcaneovalgus foot?

The condition does not show any notable symptoms. The appearance of the foot itself is the main sign of the condition.

What causes calcaneovalgus foot?

Experts believe that, the abnormal positioning of the baby’s foot while in the uterus is the main cause of the condition. Hip dysplasia, crowding in the uterus and muscular torticollis are some of the reasons for abnormal positioning of the baby.

How the condition is diagnosed?

Examining the foot itself is enough to identify the condition. The doctor may suggest other tests and diagnostic procedures to rule out other congenital deformities associated with the condition.

How the condition is treated?

In most cases, the condition will resolve on its own. To facilitate improvement, stretching and other gentle exercises will be beneficial. Within one or two months, most cases will improve and look normal. In certain rare (severe) cases, a series of casts may need to apply. If the condition is very severe, a thorough pediatric evaluation and treatment will be necessary.

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