Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery

What is minimally invasive knee replacement surgery?

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is a modern approach to the total knee replacement surgery. Usually in traditional knee replacement surgery, the damaged surface of the knee is replaced with a prosthesis or implant. Same is the purpose of the minimally invasive surgery. The only difference is that, the surgeon uses a different technique. Instead of a larger incision, a shorter one is made in the minimally invasive surgery. The main goal of a minimally invasive surgery is to minimize the post-operative pain and speed up the recovery.

Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery

A minimally invasive is usually suggested for patients with severe osteoarthritis. The surgical steps are same in both the total knee replacement surgery and minimally invasive knee replacement surgery. The incision used in minimally invasive surgery will be of 4-6 inches of length. Apart from that, a less invasive technique is used to open the knee.

Who can be a candidate for minimally invasive total knee replacement surgery?

The surgery is not suitable for all patients. It will be decided if you are suitable for the procedure or not after conducting a thorough evaluation. The candidate should be strong, healthy, younger, thinner and one who can follow-up the rehabilitation program very well. It is not suitable for those who are:

  • Overweight
  • Already undergone for another knee surgery
  • Having a significant knee deformity
  • Very muscular
  • Having health problems that hinder wound healing

What are the advantages of minimally invasive knee replacement surgery?

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is much advantageous when compared to that of the traditional knee replacement surgery. Some of the short-term advantages of the surgery are:

  • Smaller incision is required
  • Less post-operative discomforts
  • Less blood loss
  • Short hospital stay
  • Short duration for rehabilitation
  • Faster recovery

What are the potential risks and complications of the surgery?

Although the minimally invasive knee replacement surgery is considered more advantageous, it has certain risks and complications too. Some of the possible complications and risks include:

  • Wound healing problem
  • Infection
  • Errors in positioning the implants or prosthesis
  • Nerve injuries
  • Artery injuries

However, the risks can be reduced if the surgery is performed by an expert orthopedic surgeon.

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