Hip Arthroscopy

What is Hip Arthroscopy?

A surgical procedure done with the help of an arthroscope is called hip arthroscopy. The arthrocsope is a small device having a camera attached with it. It gives a clear view of the surgical area to the surgeron. Hip arthroscopy is performed to diagnose and treat certain hip conditions. Even though, hip arthroscopy is prevalent from years, it is less common when compared to knee and shoulder arthroscopy.

When is hip arthroscopy necessary?

Hip arthroscopy is sueggested when all the other nonsurgical treatments fail to cure the hip condition. It is also recommended to releieve painful symptoms of various conditions that cause damage to the soft tissues around the joint, the labrum or the articular cartilage. These damages can be a result of an injury or other orthopedic conditions. Some of the orthopedic conditions that require hip arthroscopy may include:

How is the surgery performed?

First, the surgeon will put the patient’s leg in traction. After applying the traction, the surgeon will make a small puncture in the hip. Through this, the surgeon will then insert an arthroscope, which provides a clear inner view of the joint. After analysing the condition, the surgeon will insert other instruments to carry out the surgery. The procedure may vary according to the problem that the patient has. 

What are the complications of hip arthroscopy?

It is very uncommon to have risks and complications for hip arthroscopy. However, any surgery has certain risks and complications. Some of them are:

  • Infection
  • Anesthetic complications
  • Damage to the surrounding nerves and blood vessels
  • Damage to the joint (very rare) 

How about the recovery and rehabilitation?

After the surgery, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for 1-2 days. The doctor may recommend walker, or cruches for some time during the recovery period. The rehabilitation plan will be completely based on the surgical procedure the patient had undergone. In most cases, the doctor may suggest physical therapy during recovery. Certain exercises and physical therapy will help to make the recovery faster and strengthen the joint.

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