Groin Pain

  What is groin pain?

An area of the hip between the thigh and stomach, where the leg begins and the abdomen ends is called groin pain. The groin area comprises of five muscle which work together to move the leg. The five muscles of the groin area are:
Adductor Brevis
Adductor Longus
Adductor magnus
Any pain in the groin area is referred to as groin pain. Usually, groin pain occurs as a result of any injury or physical trauma.

What are the causes of groin pain?

Groin pain can be a symptom of any other health issues. Some of the common causes of groin pain include:
Ligament, tendon or muscles strain in the groin area
Inguinal hernia
Kidney stones
Bone fractures
Apart from these major causes, there can be certain other problems which may also be the less common causes of groin pain:
Urinary tract infection
Enlarged lymph nodes
Pinched nerve
Testicular inflammation
Intestinal inflammation

How is groin pain diagnosed?

Along with the physical examination, the doctor will also suggest certain tests such as:
Hernia test
Complete blood count test

What are the treatment options for groin pain?

Treatments will be decided based on the underlying cause of the pain. Home treatment will be enough for minor strains. If the groin pain is caused due to inguinal hernia or a bone fracture, a surgery may be necessary.  Complete rest, RICE treatment and physiotherapy etc, will be suggested for groin pain caused by ligament and muscle injuries. If it does not work, steroid and anti-inflammatory medications may also be prescribed.

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