Knock Knee Correction

What are knock-knees?

An abnormal curvature of the lower legs are called knock-knees. This curvature results in a large gap between the ankles and feet when the knees touch each other. “Genu valgum” is the medical term for knock-knees condition. Usually, it is not considered as a condition. Genu valgum or knock-knees is a normal physiological process seen among children. It will be there during 4-5 years and begin to get normal by the age of 6 or 7. In certain cases, the condition may continue and becomes severe. The cause for this is not yet known. Some believe knock-knees as a result of bone conditions like rickets and certain other inherited bone deformity issues.

What are the symptoms of knock-knees?

Appearance of the ankles is the main symptoms or sign of this condition. As the deformity continues after the age of seven, the child may experience difficulty in walking. It demands unnecessary strain on knees and results in knee pain. Some of the common symptoms of knock-knees condition include:

A gap >10 cm between the ankles
Excessive outward or inward knee angle
Knee pain due to stress to the knees
Difficulty in walking

Huge difference between the ankles of the lower legs when standing straight

How is knock-knees diagnosed?

The doctor will first have a physical examination, during which he/she will check for the symptoms. There is a way, the doctor check for the physical signs present in the patient. It is as follows:

The patient has to stand simply, but keeping very little gap between the ankles.
If the knees are touching, but ankles has a large gap, it can be the sign of knock-knees

What are the treatments and exercises for knock knee correction?

Usually, knock-knees does not require any special treatments. It will get normal as the child grows. If the condition does not progresses with age, it may require treatments. The first thing before suggesting the treatment doctor will do is checking for any underlying conditions. If it is caused by rickets or scurvy, the treatment options are:

Taking vitamin D and calcium supplements
Taking vitamin C supplements

If the condition is a result of an inherited bone deformity, it may require a corrective surgery. Several surgical options are there to correct knock-knees. Most commonly used surgical procedure is osteotomy. In this procedure, the lower part of the upper bone will be cut and realigned in order to correct the leg position.

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