Open Fracture Management

An open fracture is also known as compound fracture in which, the fractured bone fragments stick out through the skin or crack down tp the fractured/broken bone. Management of open fractures is not simple and seeks serious medical attention as it involves more damage to the surrounding tendons, muscles and ligaments. Treatment of an open fracture may depend upon various factors. The goals of treatment may also vary. Certain treatments are meant for preventing the infection. Some are for getting the broken bones to heal, and some are to restore the function of the bone.

What causes open fractures?

High-energy trauma like motor vehicle accidents and direct blow are the most common causes of open fractures.

How are open fractures treated?

Some of the common treatment options are:

Debridement and irrigation: Debridement and irrigation is done to control the risk for infection. In debridement, the surgeon will remove the dirt, foreign bodes, muscle, other soft tissues, contaminated and unhealthy skin. The surgeon will also clean the bone as well. Pieces of bones that are unattached will also be removed. If there is any bone fragments that are severely contaminated, will also be discarded. Any bone loss happened during this procedure will be corrected later with surgeries.

Irrigation: Irrigation is the procedure done after debridement. Several litres of saline is used to clean the wound after it is cleansed.

Fracture Treatment: Treatment options for open fracture may include:

  • Internal Fixation
  • External Fixation
  • Minor open fractures treatment
  • Severe open fracture treatment
  • Complex wound treatment

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