Sponsorship Policy

  1. Medeguru accepts sponsorship grants for any sections page  linked from the home page. Sponsorship of the home page (www.medeguru.com )is not permitted.
  2. Medeguru attribution statement will include a copy of the sponsoring company’s logo and this logo will be hyper linked to the company’s website home page. Medeguru will do the hyper link.
  3. Any sponsorship attribution that allows the user /reader to click on the link to the sponsor’s website requires an intermediate page that notifies the user/reader that he is leaving the Medeguru web site. Medeguru will prepare and insert this notice. The link may open a new tab of user’s Internet browser program.
  4. If Medeguru receives a sponsorship for a specific event , Medeguru provides the sponsor company attribution on the web page for that particular event.
  5. Sponsorship are established for the following amounts and time periods.
  6. Sponsorship Payment to Medeguru are made through Anvita Tours2health Pvt Ltd which retains an administrative fee for this service. Payment schedules made in support of the Medeguru are negotiable.
  7. Placement of sponsorship recognition is limited to section pages.
  8. In the event Medeguru receives a sponsorship for a section page, Medeguru will not accept advertising for the page.
  9. In the event that a sponsor desires to provide a sponsorship for a Medeguru section page on which advertising is already in place, the sponsorship acceptance date and recognition for the sponsorship is made following expiration of the advertising.

This is the Sponsorship policy of Medeguru.