Options for Gay Couples

The gay couples may require help of an egg donor and a gestational carrier if they want to build a family. For the treatment, sperms of good quality will be selected from any of the partners. The sperm will undergo a semen analysis to identify the motility, morphology, volume and concentration. Egg donor can be one chosen by the couples, or found through any agency or the hospital itself. After finding the gestational carrier and an egg donor, the next step is the insemination process. After inseminating, the mature embryo will be transferred to the gestational carrier.

The gestational carrier will get a psychological grooming from the hospital or the clinic’s side to avoid any future issues. The gestational mother will not be having any by law relationship with the child. Before considering any of these treatments, it is important to consider the legal consequences. Same-sex parenting requires certain legal formalities and guidelines to follow.

The legal framework that should be followed in same-sex parenting is different in other countries than India. Many countries denies the same. For the same reason, many people from foreign countries approach Indian hospitals and clinics for treatment options. In most countries, those who register the child are considered to be the legal parents of the child. The sperm/egg donors do not have rights or responsibilities over the child. However, the Indian government had amended the laws many times. Many social activists are out there to protect the rights of LGBT. So, parenting might not be much complicated for the same-sex couple in India..