A Hysterosalpingogram or HSG is a special x-ray takes the images of inside of the uterus and fallopian tube using a contrast dye. It can reveal any abnormalities with uterus or blockage in the fallopian tube.


Any abnormalities in the uterus or fallopian tube can obstruct the process of pregnancy in women. So the test hysterosalpingography is used to find the exact cause of infertility.

This test can show:

  • Scar tissue or adhesions inside the uterus
  • Fibroids n the uterus
  • Uterine tumors or polyps



The test is usually conducted a few days or a week after your menstrual period. This will help ensure that you are not pregnant. The test performed during the pregnancy can harm the fetus. It can also reduce the chance of infection.

Your doctor will give you the following medications before the test:

  • Pain relievers if the test feels painful.
  • Sedative if you are nervous
  • Antibiotics to prevent infections


You should inform your doctor if you have pelvic inflammatory disease or abnormal vaginal bleeding before the procedure.


  • Allergic reaction to contrast dye
  • Infection to endometrium or fallopian tube
  • Utrine perforation



After all precautions are done, a speculum is inserted into the vagina to see the cervix and the cervix is cleaned. Local anesthesia is used to reduce your pain or discomfort. An instrument called cannula is guided into the cervix, and then the speculum is removed. Your doctor will inject a contrasting dye through the cannula into the uterne cavity. If the fallopian tube is not blocked by any scar tissues or others, the dye will flow into the abdominal cavity. Then x-ray will be taken from different positions there as to reach better analysis. You may feel mild cramping and some pain when the dye moves through the fallopian tube. You would be given appropriate medications and discharged.


Certain side effects may result from this test, which are not unusual.

  • Pain and cramping
  • Sticky vaginal discharge
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting

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