Semen Analysis

Semen is a kind of organic fluid secreted by the sexual glands and other organs of male, which can fertilize the female ova. In semen analysis, the characteristics of a male’s semen and the sperm are analyzed. The procedure is done to evaluate the male fertility. This is done before when the couple seeks baby or to verify the success of vasectomy. Semen analysis are usually done to analyse the couple’s infertility. It is also used for testing human donors for sperm donation and also for stud farming and farm animal breeding. Semen analysis may also be done as a part of routine pre-pregnancy testing. But, it is very rare.

The procedure of semen analysis measures the amount of semen a man produces. It can also determine the number and quality of sperm in the semen. The main objective of semen analysis is to whether a man has the problem of infertility or not. More than one third of the couples suffer the issue of infertility due to the problems with semen. There are number of tests that are done during a semen analysis. It may include:

  • Volume
  • Sperm count
  • pH
  • White blood cell count
  • Sperm morphology
  • Fructose level and
  • Liquefaction time.


You may have avoid any sexual activity that results in ejaculation for 2-5 days before the analysis. This will help in ensuring the sperm count at its highest and to improve the reliability of the analysis. But if you avoid sexual activity for a long period, it may result is less active sperm and negative effect in the test. You might have to avoid the habit of drinking alcohol. The doctor might also ask your previous medical history and the medicines you take at the period of test. For the analysis, you have to first collect your semen in a clean container and hand over it to the laboratory. The test do not possess any risks and complications.

In the case of recurrent miscarriage, abnormal shaped sperms should be identified and treated. It is a fact that, abnormally shaped sperms cause recurrent miscarriage. Semen analysis with strict Kruger criteria will help to find out whether the sperm are abnormally shaped or not.

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