Prior to starting Panchakarma (purification) treatment, there is a need to prepare the body with prescribed methods to encourage it to let go of the toxins. This process of preparation is called purvakarma. This treatment includes


  • Snehana (oleation)
  • Sweadana


Snehanan refers to internal and external oleation of the body. During the therapy oil is administered through various types of massages, food and enema. The therapy softens and breaks down toxins and waste materials trapped in the tissues of the body. It also helps to remove stress and nourishing the nervous system. Snehanan is usually performed for three to seven days, or as indicated.

Regular snehanan thoroughly relaxes the body and improves the flow of energy by opening the channels of circulation.

Based on the method of application snehanan can be classified into two:

Bahya (external) and Abhyantar(internal)

Bahya snehanan

Bahya snehana is the practice which the medicated oil is applied on the external parts of body. The most prevailing method of bahya snehana is Abhyanga(massage). For performing bahya snehana the condition of the person along with doshas should be examined.

Beneficiaries of Bahya snehanan

  • Patients with alcohol related problems
  • Patients suffering from insomnia
  • Patients suffering from paralysis and arthritis
  • Patients suffering from backache
  • Patients suffering from stress and strain


Sadyah snehanan (instant oleation)

Sadysh snehanan is performed in minors, oldies and in those patients who is a misfit for oil massage treatment. Sadyah snehana is done as an instant procedure. Here are the different methods of sadya snehana

  • Rice cooked with milk+sugar+Ghrita
  • Milk+Ghirita
  • Meat soup+ Ghirita
  • Ghirita+oil+yogurt+piper longum+salt