Microsurgery for Disc

Microsurgery for Disc (Endoscopic spine surgery)

Microsurgery for disc or endoscopic surgery is a technique that makes use of an endoscope to treat various issues like degeneration, protrution, herniation, etc, that affects the disc. A microsurgery is a kind of minimally invasive surgery that only require a small incision to insert the endoscope insider.  The surgeon uses a keyhole to access the herniated disc. The procedure does not require to cut any tissues. The tissues are stretch while accessing the disc. As a result, there will be less tissue destruction and lesser pain, and faster recovery. The surgery may not require general anesthesia as it does not require a large cut or incision. The endoscope allows the surgeon to remove a portion of the herniated disc selectively with the help of clear visualization.

A surgery is recommended only after a period of unsuccessful nonsurgical treatment options. However, it is not effective for every patient with a back or neck pain. In some patients, it may not be as effective as an open surgery. The surgeon decided on whether to choose the surgery based on various factors and after a thorough diagnosis. The procedure is useful in treating sciatica and back pain caused due to problems like:

The procedure is done with a thin, fiber-optic video camera called an endoscope. During the procedure, the doctor wll make a small incision enough to insert the endoscope through. With the help of the endoscopic visuals, the surgeon will remove the bone spurs or disc materials. The endoscopic spine surgery procedure is much beneficial than an open surgery. Some of the advantages of endoscopic spine surgery include:

  • Minimal scar tissue formation because of the small incision
  • Less damage to the soft tissues and muscles
  • Decreased blood loss
  • Lesser post-operative pain
  • Faster recovery
  • Risk for post-operative infection is less

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