Spinal Deformity

What is Spinal Deformity?

Human spine consists of 33 vertebrae stacked one over another. In between the vertebrae there are discs  which acts like a cushion between the vertebrae and gives flexibility to the spine. The entire system of spine consisting of vertebrae and discs are well balanced so that each individual can stand erect without utilizing much energy.

When viewed from the front side the spine is straight. But if viewed from the side it seems curved. In the neck area the spine is curved towards front side. In the thoracic area the spine is curved towards back. Again in the lower back area the spine is curved towards the front. The overall effect of the above mentioned curving is that the head rests over the spine in an upright position with minimal usage of energy.

What is Spinal Deformity

In certain individuals this arrangement of the spine will be disturbed from the above mentioned normal type. The varied alignment of spine noticed in some persons in the frontal plane is known as scoliosis and that in the sagittal plane is known as kyphosis.The spine deformity noticed in human beings is not confined to that occurring in one plane alone. In fact it is a combination of  deformities occurring in more than one plane. Mild spinal deformity is usually found among human beings and is not considered to be very important or serious and they are usually discarded. Bit at times in some individual’s spinal deformity becomes large which necessitates medical or surgical correction of the deformity.

Some of the common Spine Deformities are as Follows:

  1. Scoliosis

  2. Lordosis
  3. Kyphosis


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