Coccyx Spine

The coccyx spine is also known as ‘tailbone. It is a small bone, seen like a tail at the bottom area of the spine. The coccyx spine if composed of 3-5 spine bones or vertebrae. The 3 vertebrae fuse together and form a single bone called coccyx spine. An amphiarthrodial joint connects the coccyx to the sacrum. The coccyx spine functions as an attachment site for muscles, ligaments, and tendons. For some of the muscles of the pelvic floor, coccyx functions as an insertion point. It also helps in giving support and stabilization of movement to a person for the sitting position. An abrupt fall or blow to the buttocks can cause a fracture to the coccyx spine. In certain cases, a woman’s coccyx can be broken from the birth itself. Such cases may require medications to correct. If the condition is severe, surgical correction will be necessary. Removing the coccyx through a surgical procedure is called a coccygectomy.

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