Lichen Planus

A recurrent and chronic rash that appears in the mouth is called lichen planus. Lichen planus are said to be an itchy rash that disappears spontaneously. The cause is also not known to the experts. It usually affects adults.  There is no established cure for this condition. It is managed with tropical and oral medications. Lichen planus is characterized by flat-topped, many-sided and small bumps that grow together into rough and scaly plaques in the mouth.
  Lichen planus may occur spontaneously or the growth can be gradual. The intensity of the condition can be either mild or severe. They are diagnosed through thorough physical examination. Sometimes, a biopsy may be chosen for confirming. In most cases, lichen planus are relatively mild. Main treatments include oral medications and therapy with ultraviolet light. Corticosteroids such as metrnidazole or prednisone are used for oral medication. If the individual continues to have itching even after taking oral medications, the doctor may suggest ultraviolet treatment.
       It is important to have a correct diagnosis as individuals may get confused with simple rashes as lichen planus. The condition may persist for a minimum of four years and some may resolve on its own within a short period. 

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