What Can Dental Implants Do?

Replace one or more teeth: Dental implants provide the facility for replacing one or more teeth without affecting the natural appearance of your face. In this process the root of the implant is fixed in your jaw bone first. After two or three months when the implant has fused with the jaw bone and become a part of the body the crown or bridge is attached to it which gives a natural look to your teeth.

Use of removable partial dentures is avoided: By opting for dental implants one can escape from the inconvenience and difficulties of using removable partial denture. In earlier days there was only the option to use partial dentures which has to be removed periodically cleaned and replaced after some time. Usually the partial denture was removed before sleeping and was replaced in the morning after cleaning them.

Support dentures which are more secure and stable: The dentures used in dental implants are exactly matching to the anatomical requirement of each individual and in course of time it becomes part of the body. These dentures in implants are more securely attached to the implanted root and they give a more natural look and convenience to the person.

Supports long span bridgework: In dental implants any number of teeth can be replaced easily as bridges of loner spans can be supported in this method. To restore the teeth in a jaw eight to nine implants are required. After implanting the roots the replacing of the crowns can be done using bridge of longer spans. This is an added advantage of dental implants.

Stimulates bone graft: The first step in dental implant is creating a channel in the jaw bone to implant the root of the new tooth. After this the root of the implant is fixed there and ample time is given for the jaw bone to fuse with the root of the implanted root of the teeth. Bone grows over the implant forming contours which help the root and the crown to synchronise giving more aesthetic and natural appearance.

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    It’s great that your friend was able to get implants (egg. dantų implantai). I’ve been wondering if I should have dental implants instead of dentures. I don’t like that implants are very costly, but it seems like they’re worth it if having an implant is similar to having a real tooth. I would rather not have a denture because I would rather have something that will remain in my gums than to have a fake tooth that I have to remove every time I eat.