Dental Implants Cost in India

Dental implants cost are very low in India compared to other countries. Dental implant cost in the United States is about 3k to 11 k depending upon the number of teeth involved in the implant. In fact, looking for cheap implant cost is not a wise idea as there are some significant facts underlying in the fixation of cost for dental implants. When the cost becomes cheaper naturally the quality of the implant and expertise of the doctor will have to be sacrificed which are important factors for the satisfaction and convenience of the patient. So when you search for the cheap cost don’t be guided by the consideration of the amount involved only , but be careful to see that the savings in costs are not obtained by forfeiting the benefits of quality product and expert care.

Care should be taken to ascertain that the dentist you select is having adequate knowledge and experience in the field of implantology. A part of the cost for dental implant will be covered by insurance. The following factors play an important role in arriving at the actual cost of a dental implant.

How many teeth are to be implanted? This is the most important factor which is going to affect the overall cost of the dental implant you are planning to undergo.
The procedural costs and the number of visits which will be necessary to complete the implant etc are very much dependent on this factor.

Who is your dental implantologist? The implantologist that you are going to select for carrying out your implant will also play a very critical role in fixing the total cost of the implant. The expertise and calibre of the implantologist is the criteria which determine the rate of dental implant. Different rates are charged by different implantologist which can be based on their view of life and humanitarian considerations.

Implantation type: Different types of implants varying form moderate to high costs are available in the country. The price varies depending upon the material used and the technology involved etc. It is better you have a detailed discussion with your surgeon and understand the pros and cons of every type of implants available in the market and select the one that will be most suitable for your requirements and circumstances.

Dental- insurance: Check with your insurer whether dental implant cost is covered under the policy and if so see what percentage of the expenses will be met by the insurer. Some cosmetic surgeons have made their own arrangements to finance the dental needs of their clients. It is worth to explore this option also and see how far they are viable for your requirements.

Dental implant in India has advanced to a glorious position with ever increasing number of dental cosmetic care centres with dedicated and experienced maxillofacial surgeons at their helm. Thousands of patients from different parts of the world are visiting India in an effort to find a affordable and pleasant solution to their dental predicaments. An outline of the rate at which dental implants are done in the country are given below which can be used as a guide line for the patients in deciding their course of action regarding dental implants. One fact which is to be considered before taking a decision regarding which country to be selected for dental implant is that the total cost of dental implant in India will be at least 40 to 60 less than the cost for the same thing in countries like USA, UK and Australia.
Cost in INR
Alpha Bio Dental implant (ISRAEL) (with straight abutment)                         25,000/- per implant
Nobel Biocare- Dental implants( Sweden) (with straight abutment)         40,000/- per implant
Nobel guide(Computer guided implant surgery)                                                 60,000/- per jaw
Noble active(Noble Biocare-Sweden)                                                                         60,000/- per implant
(Immediate loading implant with straight abutment)
Porcelain-Base Metal Crown                                                                                               5,000/- per crown
Screw retained hybrid denture(Fixed)                                                                    1,50,000/- per jaw

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