Inlays and Onlays


Differences Between Inlay and On-lay

Mild decay or damage to rear teeth can be easily restored with dental inlays and onlays. These dental restorations are often referred to as ‘indirect fillings’. Inlay and on-lay differ from each other in every aspect.

What Are Inlays and On-lays?

Inlays & On-lays specifically targets decay or fractured tooth. If the person has cavities inside the teeth, which hinder proper chewing then inlay and onlay are highly recommended. They help in filling up the slight tooth spaces and exposed nerves. This prevents the food from getting stuck within the tooth. Thus, further tooth decay is restricted.

The inlay & on-lay restoration usually requires only one sitting. Being a non-invasive and rapid procedure, it is highly preferred in cosmetic dentistry. The procedure makes use of local anesthesia with nitrous oxide and oxygen to numb the area to be treated. However, prior to applying inlays & onlays, the tooth decay is needed to be removed.

Although the procedure lasts for several years, but still does not offers permanent results. The duration of result typically depends upon the type material used and the severity of case. The procedure generally uses materials made up of ceramics, gold, composite resin, or plastic. These materials are usually cemented into the cups above the teeth.

What Is the Difference?

Inlays are fillings which are placed within the bumps on the tooth surface, between the cusps. They are required only for small region correction and placed in holes which can be felt with teeth. On the other hand, on-lays have a bigger size compared to regular fillings. They tend to cover the chewing part, and overlaps over the tooth edge. In addition, they cover the surfaces inwardly and outwardly along with the neighboring teeth areas. These aspects make the on-lays similar to crowns.

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