Fluid Collection in Septum

Collection of the purulent material in the nasal cavity may lead to the formation of an abscess in the nasal septum. The purulent material may be produced because of iatrogenic causes or because of sinonasal infection or immune deficiency. An abscess of clotted blood is formed as a result of the rupture of blood vessels in the nasal septum caused by nasal trauma and the accumulation of bacteria in that particular area. If the abscess is left unattended, the pus may affect the supply of blood to the septal cartilage.  Serious complications like meningitis, brain abscess etc has occurred due to the fluid collection in nasal septum in patients with immunosuppression.

Nasal septum abscess is usually formed as a result of the trauma caused to the nose in an accident t or an injury which results in bleeding nasal septum. This blood deposited in the nasal cavity clots and results in haematoma.  This haematoma gets infected with bacteria over a period of time resulting in pus formation which accumulates and turns as abscess.

Nasal obstruction is the main symptoms of nasal septal abscess. Pain, fever, nasal bleeding, redness over nasal tip or nasal bridge are also common symptoms of nasal septum abscess. The diagnosis of abscess in nasal septum due to the fluid collection is made by studying the history, symptoms and by physical examination of the patient. CT scan will also be done in to determine the extent of the abscess and to find out predisposing factors, if any. If CT scan reveals the widening of the septum, your doctor may suggest blood tests also to ascertain whether there is any immune deficiency.

Drainage of the purulent materials collected in the nasal septum abscess in a surgery is the treatment followed by many ENT surgeons.  Placement of a Penrose drain, reconstruction of nasal cartilage etc are other treatment options for the nasal septum abscess. Early diagnosis and immediate treatment are very important to prevent the dangerous spreading of infection which can result in meningitis, brain abscess etc.

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